Some Arguments against Existence of God

Many people have questioned the existence of God throughout history. Some of the arguments against God’s existence are based on logic, evidence, or morality. Here are some of them:

  • Some argue that the concept of God is self-contradictory or incoherent. For example, how can God be both all-powerful and all-good, if there is evil in the world?
    This argument claims that if God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good, then he would not allow evil and suffering to exist in the world. However, evil and suffering do exist, as we can observe from natural disasters, diseases, wars, crimes, and injustices. Therefore, either God does not have all these attributes, or he does not exist at all.
  • Some argue that there is no empirical proof or reliable testimony for God’s existence. For example, why are there so many different and conflicting revelations of God? Why does God not intervene in the world more clearly and consistently? Why does natural science provide better explanations for the origin and order of the universe than supernatural ones?
  • Some argue that the idea of God is immoral or unjust. For example, why does God allow so much suffering and injustice in the world? Why does God command or condone violence, oppression, or discrimination in some scriptures? Why does God punish or reward people eternally for their finite actions?

These are some of the arguments against the existence of God that have been proposed by various philosophers, scientists, and thinkers. They challenge the traditional religious definition of God as an eternal, personal, creator, and ruler of the universe.

I personally am of the view that belief in God is a personal choice. His existence gives hope to a lot of people. The problem may arise when this belief crosses the personal space and invades other people’s personal space. I also have problem when God and religion invade our education system and try to influence and challenge logic and scientific thinking.

Sarbjit Singh

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