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Hi! I am Dr. Sarbjit Singh, also known as Brandon to my friends and a lot of netizens. An ophthalmologist with a passion for making, creating, and sharing! I’m a YouTuber, content writer, book author, amateur photographer, amateur singer/composer, and violinist. As an ophthalmologist, I shall share on this website all about eye conditions and diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, myopia, and diabetic eye diseases and shall share with you ways you can take care of your health in general and eye health in particular.

Join me for a bit on this journey of life. Let’s get to know each other and share our experiences.

I write a personal blog off and on. I have varied interests, so I write about random subjects depending on which side of the bed I woke up on that particular day.

Please do read my blogs when you have a few minutes; that’s how long it takes to read my blogs, as I tend to keep them short.

Please check out my e-book page also. You can click on the E-Books page in the menu bar on the top right of this page.

Dr.Sarbjit Singh
aka Brandon
Consultant Ophthalmologist and chief eye surgeon
Dr. Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital
Khanna Punjab India

My personal YouTube channel is https://youtube.com/@sarbionics
My Tech Channel is https://youtube.com/@brandontektak
My Hospital web Address is https://dsseh.com

My Blog

My E-books

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